Are you a Snow Bunny?


That used to be a common term for a “beginner” skier.  Now more likely you’re called a “never ever” or “first timer.”   You (and maybe your friend) will come into Sno-Haus wide-eyed and maybe a bit hesitant. The conversation might start something like this, “I’m going skiing for the first time with my boyfriend’s family,” “I’m going on a school trip,” “I want the kids to learn how to ski,” My friends are making me go snowboarding even though I’m afraid.” You’ll see the roomfuls of gear, with all those choices, and your brow might dampen.  It can seem overwhelming.

Now you can relax and have some FUN.  Your staff at Sno Haus loves skiing and snowboarding and we love first timers. We remember when we were “bunnies” and we can’t wait to introduce you to the best winter activity on earth with lots of great advice.

Our clothing specialists will guide you through what to wear from head to toe. We can help keep to your budget figuring out what items you may already have in your closet (or your friends) that will work for your first trip. We will make sure that you are dressed in the warmest and driest way so that the cold doesn’t stop the fun.

A stop into our ski or snowboard department is next. Our ski and snowboard experts will help you decide whether to rent equipment for the trip or they can do a safety check or adjust bindings on equipment that you already may have available. They will also discuss helmet safety and whether you should purchase goggles.

We know you will LOVE skiing and snowboarding with a little expert advice.  After your trip, please come in and tell us how it went. Let us know what worked for you and what didn’t so we can make your next experience even better. Soon you will be walking through our front doors with the assuredness of a long-time skier/snowboarder.

Welcome you to one of the greatest activities ever!

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